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Fátima Monasterio Fátima Monasterio •   Lawyer of the Center for Legal Studies and Social Research (CEJIS)

"On August 15, 2019, the peoples of the Multi-ethnic Indigenous Territory (TIM) recovered 183,722 hectares in the heart of the southern Bolivian Amazon. The event closed a cycle of almost 30 years of struggle that began in 1990 with the March for Territory and Dignity that resulted in the promulgation of Supreme Decree 22611 that recognized indigenous territories, but left areas for logging in the center of Bosque de Chimanes, the same ones that had to be returned to their rightful owners within 20 years. In the act of delivery of the enforceable title, the president of the TIM Subcentral, Bernardo Muiba, said: 'It has not been an easy fight. We have been walking for 29 years and we will continue walking in defense of our territories'. From CEJIS we celebrate this achievement of the bases that have enforced their rights. Thank you for allowing us to accompany you from the legal advice and for daring to continue dreaming, even in these times".