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Leandro Crovetto   Leandro Crovetto •   Photographer and Image and Sound Designer from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA).

"The protests in Chile that began in mid-October 2019 made it clear that its political-economic system (which for years was considered by many 'specialists' as the successful model to follow) excludes most of the population, mainly indigenous people. Chile woke up and in that awakening we see the Wenufoye, the Mapuche flag, a symbol of an expelled and stigmatized people that today becomes a banner of rebellion and resistance to the neoliberal model. Shouting 'Marichiweu!', which in the Mapuche language, Mapudungún, means 'one hundred times we will win', the Chilean people admit the debt with the native peoples, demand a profound change that includes everyone, it is recognized as plurinational and diverse. The Wenufoye wave more than the Chilean flags, and in that wave is the cry of a country that wants to resurface in a different way".