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Steven Barthelemy is a film director from Emerson College.
Adriana Gramly is a film director for the Rhode Island School of Design.

In 2017, the indigenous leader of Charagua Norte, Ronald Andrés, declared: 'Our process of elaborating autonomy is not a gift, it is our victory'. By taking these photos, we wanted to show that victory on the faces of the people we had the privilege of knowing. In the same way, we also wanted to show the historical struggle of Charagua to conquer its autonomy. We wanted to illustrate the feeling of movement and space, combining the faces of the people who live here. Charagua is a beautiful place and its diversity can be seen in its six areas: Charagua Pueblo, Charagua Estación, Charagua Norte, Alto Isoso, Bajo Isoso and Parapitiguasu. For us, this is a beautiful example to emulate: despite their different histories and needs, in recent years they have managed to come together to conquer their autonomy. As film directors and photographers, we hope to capture the uniqueness of each space and the idiosyncrasies of each area of Charagua".